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Palm Zire 31 fast review


Category: Phones and Gadgets

Why Zire 31, and not a newer model? Well a good argument for it is the price! Only 129$. I've seen a lot of mobile phones more expensive than this, which haven't got anything going for them. This model is entry level, and has a 1160x160 color STN display with contrast and brightness controls, an organizer, calculator, mp3 player, notepad, and many other useful tools.

Vertical Image

• Height: 4.4 in. / 11.17 cm
• Width: 2.9 in. / 7.36 cm
• Thickness: .6 in. / 1.52 cm
• Weight: 4.1 oz. / 116.23 Grams (without protective flip lid)

As you can see from the picture it is very small, yet the screen is big enough for the writing to be perfectly readable. The touch screen is operated with the plastic pen on the left, which has its own place inside the Palm, and is divided into two sections.

The first section is exclusively for the screen, while the other part is for writing and special options. It’s this second section that gives it its ease of use, because here you have the home button, the menu button, magnifier button, synchronize, show visual keyboard, contrast and time (the little icons). Writing numbers and letters has never been easier! The Graffiti program is among the best I have seen so far. After seeing in the manual how the letters are done, you have almost 100% efficiency, because the shape of the letters is very natural.

The fact that you can write in any of these 3 ways is definitely a plus, although I still prefer the visual keyboard.

Its internal 16MB memory is enough for your documents and pictures, but you can extend it with an SD/MMC card if you want to use the palm as an mp3 player. The mp3 software is Real One player and is pretty basic, but it’ll do. The sound quality I would say is exquisite.

The battery is very good. It's a rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer 900mAh battery. In normal usage you won’t have to recharge it more than once every 5-6 days. Unfortunately the battery can not be easily replaced, like in your phone for example, and that’s definitely a big minus. The one in the picture is about one and a half years old and it’s battery is still doing very good.

It also comes with a lot of other applications: Contacts, Calendar, World Clock, Memos, Tasks, Calculator, Expense1, Prefs, Note Pad. Additional software included: RealOne Mobile Player3, palmOne Photos, Audible, Handmark Splash Money and Mobile DB, powerOne Calculator, Palm Reader, AddIt, Solitaire. More can be added through the net and are available either free or shareware. For example this place: http://www2.getjar.com/software/Palm/Palm160x160c/


I like this little gadget. I think it appeals to people who want to replace their organizer, contacts list, and little pieces of paper with something light, easy to use and which can entertain them during their spare time. If you're in need for a cheap personal electronic organizer, I would recommend this one!

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Posted by: Nitro on March 2, 2006 at 20:01.

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